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Nov. 1- International Astrologer Marguerite Manning

October 31, 2009

3880Therapy For the Soul.  Join us as we combine the astrological principles of Marguerite’s book, Cosmic Karma, with my Law of Attraction  insight  So tune in each month and learn how living up to your brilliant potential in this life is often just a matter of relinquishing your soul’s fears from a previous one.  Call in with the date, time and city of your birth and discover just how a little “therapy for the soul” can do wonders for the heart.

Oct. 25 – Ela Corcoran – MasterMinding Success

October 25, 2009

Ela headshotEla Corcoran is a LifeSuccess Consultant that will take you from the brink of possibility to the path of infinite probability.  She is  a business partner of Bob Proctor and Paul Martinelli, of LifeSuccess Productions and a  holistic health coach and anti-aging consultant as well.

Oct. 18 – The Vortex – Book Review

October 16, 2009

pic-bio1 Sandi Schwartz of the Leading Edge Parenting Show is my guest as we discuss the most wonderful new book from Abraham-Hicks called THE VORTEX.  Join us for a delightful and insightful time on all of our relationships to money, children, parents, love lives and yes… even sex!   Great Book and GREAT SHOW!

Oct. 11 – Cyres World PARTY

October 10, 2009

JewelsGrab your download and grab a new body as we play in the Virtual world of Cyres (Create Your Reality Experience Self).    We will be doing a LIVE broadcast at 5:00PM Pacific and then on to a party of game playing, boat racing, car driving and flying!  Let the magic begin as you experience your desires before they turn into reality!   At 6:00 pm we begin the party with incredible prizes from Cyres World! Http://

Oct. 4 – Angels in the Wilderness – Amy Racina

October 4, 2009

amyThe most inspiring story of perserverence in a life and death situation. Amy, backpacking solo when she fell 60 feet on to a rock, didn’t give up when face with a mangled body. She actually moved herself close to a mile with only her hands in order to find people for her rescue.