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Dec. 20 – A Conversation with Neale Donald Walsh

December 20, 2009

Join me as I talk to Neale about a complex subject… The Energy Field and all the fear surrounding “death”.  This is truly an amazing and uplifting show and it’s perfect the Holiday Season!  I rate this show “WAY BEYOND EXCELLENT!”  Infinity: The Ultimate Trip DVD

Hugs and have a Merry Christmas to all!

Dec. 13 Amean Hameed Energy Healer Emitter

December 10, 2009

Amean is documented as an incredible Divine Energy Healing Emitter and teacher.  His hands-on & practical Non-Profit, teaches the foundations of energy healing.  As you listen to tonight’s show, you will receive highly energized Divine energy in guided meditations to heal your physical body, thought body and emotional body.   You are uniquely connected to the divine through your heart, in which to  heal yourself and others as well as the living earth.  Make sure to have lots of bottle water around you, as it will be energized as well.  Remember that this energy will remain on the broadcast, no matter how many times you listen to it.    To find out more about Amean, go to

Dec. 6 – Therapy for the Soul with Marguerite Manning

December 4, 2009

Once again the astrological principles of Marguerite’s book, Cosmic Karma, will be combined with the psychic insights of Jewels to demonstrate that healing the unconscious past always begins by addressing it. So tune in and discover how living up to your brilliant potential in this life is often just a matter of relinquishing your soul’s fears from the last one. Better yet, call in to 718-508-9405 with the date, time and city of your own birth and see for yourself how a little “Therapy For The Soul” can do wonders for your heart.  Would you like to have a set of your own Cosmic Karma birth charts before the broadcast? Just send your complete birth information to and become a Cosmic Connections’ soul buddy today