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Aug 29 – Victor Villasenor – Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving

August 29, 2010

Victor Villasenor, Best Selling author of Rain of Gold created Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving in which to bring strangers together one day a year to celebrate their humaness. This is the most profound interview and one that Jewels claims is her VERY Favorite. and

8-22 A Love Story that Reaches Beyond the Veil – Kathy Perry

August 22, 2010

Join us for a remarkable and inspirational story that teaches us a valuable lesson about life and awakening.  Kathy Perry, Author and Social Media Marketing Expert, shares a traumatic event in her recent life that changed her life forever.

8-15 Twelve Signs of Awakening – Ernesto Ortiz

August 15, 2010

Are you having body aches, sleep interruptions, intense dreams?  These may be signs that your DNA is changing and that you are awakening!  Ernesto Ortiz, Shamanic Teacher and Therapist talks about the twelve signs.  Jewels also does some energy work surrounding abundance.

Aug 8 – don Miguel Ruiz and don Jose Luis – The Fifth Agreement

August 7, 2010

Join Jewels for this most special evening of listening to the Toltec Wisdom from don Miguel Ruiz and his son don Jose Luis as they discuss the Four agreement and The Fifth Agreement which they co-authored together.  Tune in and feel the love as they reach past the airwaves to change your lives.

Aug 1 – August Forecast with Psychic Channeler Lee Harris

August 1, 2010

Jewels introduces Lee Harris as her Inspirational monthly co-host.  Lee lives in Amsterdam and is an incredible Psychic Channeler from which the Three Z’s deliver their message.  Listen to this most incredible information about the month of August 2010.