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Reality Creation 101 with Christopher A. Pinckley

February 26, 2011

Join Jewels as she talks with Fitness Guru, Life Coach and Author of Realty Creation 101 Christopher Pinckley about poverty consciousness, judgements and the difference between wanting and yearning.

Solar Activity Update and Jill Crosby –

February 20, 2011

Join Jewels as she talks about the latest Solar Storm and it’s effect on the earth.   Then Jill Crosby, creator of comes back to the show and talks about the 6 keys to a successful relationship!   Jill and Jewels are teaming up to create an event in which you could very well find your Soul Mate… Stay to the end of the show for a very special announcement!

Jewels and Lee Harris – Self LOVE

February 13, 2011

Tonight is Jewels and Lee Harris together…talking, sharing and laughing and concentrating on Self Love.  Please stay tuned for the last 15 minutes of the show as Lee brings about an incredible energy activation… First time ever heard!

Grace Ho – Feng Shui for Prosperity

February 6, 2011

International Feng Shui Expert Grace Ho talks about secrets of Feng shui that will bring prosperity.  Grace lives in Tokyo and Los Angeles and writes featured articles for magazines as well as appearing on national television.