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Mayan Calendar Scientist – Carl Johan Calleman

April 23, 2011

Join Jewels as she talks with this most brilliant man about the cosmic shift and the REAL end Date of the Mayan Calendar, Oct. 28, 2011.  Does the end date mean the end of the world?  Absolutely NOT!  As a matter of fact, it is a time of Unity and harmony, if we can all come together and understand we are all connected.  Great Show!

Lynne McTaggart – The Bond (A MUST HAVE BOOK!)

April 16, 2011

This is a tremendous show in which International Best Selling Author Lynne McTaggart of the Intention Experiment and The Field dishes out more scientific evidence that we have it all wrong and that’s why governments, wars and conflicts are in crisis states today. This book is a MUST HAVE.

Bertrand Dory – Design Your Dream Life

April 9, 2011

Join Jewels as she talks to Bertrand Dory about Life, Love, Parenting and Pets and how to turn around your thoughts to shift your consciousness. Listen to Bertrand’s Show (Design Your Dream Life)  on Law of Attraction Radio Network at

Shaman Stefan of Shuem Soul Experience

April 3, 2011

Join Jewels for a powerful healing that releases all negativity away from you.   Shaman Stefan based in Amsterdam delivers a deep healing as the music you listen to keeps you tuned out of your story and let’s Stefan’s Consciousness  assist you.   Hear Stefan Show every Saturday on