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Tom Lescher Returns – August Astrology Report

July 30, 2011

  Join Jewels as she talks with International Renown Astrologer, Tom Lescher to discuss the planets and how they will affect us emotionally during the month of August, 2011.


Messages From Angels and Prosperty Meditation

July 24, 2011

Join Jewels for Law of Attraction Talk Radio’s “Fear Be GONE” episode as she brings Angel Communicator Melody Green to deliver an Angelic Message. After that, Jewels, with the help of the Angels, performs an abundance and prosperity mediation in which addresses your personal issues in which YOUR Angels are asked to help.  To watch video:


Garland Landrith, Ph.D. Tapping into Manifestation

July 16, 2011

Join Jewels As Dr. Landrith taps us into manifesting.   Watch the Broadcast video to tap along.  To purchase Dr. Landrith’s DVDs go to

First Video Broadcast!

July 10, 2011

Jewels interviews Relationship Expert Larry Michel during her first video Broadcast.   These broadcasts will remain up for a week and then will be moved into the University of Attraction.   To contact Larry: or to listen to his show:

The Human Antenna – Dr. Robin Kelly

July 3, 2011

Join Jewels as she talks with New Zealander Robin Kelly about our incredible ability to heal our body.   We are nothing short of incredible beings!