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Buddah’s Brain, Dr. Rick Hanson

September 26, 2011

  What to know how to get happy amidst all the chaios?   Join Jewels as she talks with Dr. Rick Hanson, best selling author of Buddah’s Brain and his latest  JUST ONE THING.

Dr. Srini Pillay – Science Behind the Law of Attraction

September 11, 2011

Join Jewels as she talks about 9-11 and Words of Peace Global with a video clip of Prem Rawat.   Then Jewels and Dr. Pillay talk about 9-11, Politics, Money and the Science Behind the Law of Attraction!

Words of Peace Global:

Srini Pillay:

Amazon:  The Science Behind the Law of Attraction



September Astrology Report – Tom Lescher

September 6, 2011

Tom Returns to tell us more of what to expect emotionally during the month of Sept., 2011