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Law of Attraction and Epiphany!

January 30, 2012

Actress, Filmmaker, Journalist and Author Elise Ballard join Jewels to talk about all the notable inspirational people she interviewed for her life-changing book, Epiphany.

Angel Healing for Prosperity

January 22, 2012

  The Joyful Healer (Christina McEntire) returns to heal all resistance to Money in 2012 for each one of us.  Try to watch this video as many times as you can!



Thrive Movement Movie – Foster Gamble

January 15, 2012

  Join Jewels as she talks with Foster Gamble about the peaceful revolution that is now taking place.  This is the most important film that you will ever see.  Get informed and take these easy actions to make a difference.  It IS about the Law of Attraction and we can create a healthier society if we understand what is occuring.

Join Thrive Movement:

Better Way Health in 2012

January 7, 2012

Jewels talks with Better Way Health (Jennifer Perkins and William White) about products that can assist friends who are going through Chemo and everyone who is interested in preventative health care. 1-800-746-7640

Astrology, January 2012 Tom Lescher

January 1, 2012

Great show as we dive into 2012 and talk about empowering us to expand beyond the collective consciousness!