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Mind Magic – William Whitecloud Returns

March 23, 2013

Join JWilliam-Whitecloud-img1ewels as William talks about his bestselling book, The Magician’s Way. This is an incredibly powerful show!

Wealth Creation – Jaden Sterling

March 17, 2013

Jaden SterlingIf we want to change the economy… we must do it ourselves. We must start focusing on bringing the opportunities to us that will provides jobs and well-being for all. This is Service and This is Wealth Creation!

Linda Cruse is Saving the World

March 9, 2013




7996302797_9bfc1ff522_sAuthor of Marmalade and Machine Guns, Linda Cruise has been to 16 countries, three continent in 12 years with one suitcase. She helps disaster-stricken communities back on their feet.  Some of the world’s more influential people help her to achieve the impossible such as Richard Branson, Prince Charles, Nelson Mandala, the Dalai Lama.   BEST SHOW EVER!


Energy Healing with Energy Healing Group of Europe

March 2, 2013

Tonight 12 Energy Healers from Europe are energizing YOUR Space to Resolve your Issues.Bring to mind your current issues with Money, or Relationships, or Health and let these powerful healers open up your Heart Connection in which to release!

Last 20 minutes of show is a guided meditation.  Please relax and do not operate machinery as you listen.  Enjoy!