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High Frequency Sounds Heal the Pineal Gland

July 28, 2013

936mediumJoin Jewels as she talks withDon McCarty Owner/Developer of Code Dimensions.  Don is a firm believer in the Law of Attraction and discovered powerful audio-technologies that he incorporated into his daily practice. These technologies are: Binaural Betas, Isochronic Tones, Solfeggio Frequencies & Subliminal Affirmations. These technologies and frequencies have been known since ancient times – and modern research has validated their effects as well. Since 2009 Don and his development team at Code Dimensions – have been developing: Mobile Apps, WebTools & Audio – Soundscapes using audio technologies.   Don has created powerful High frequency sounds since our Pineal show and is calling it: Jewel of the Mind 936hz Pineal Gland Activating Theta, Audio Soundscape Meditations.   Don is the PERFECT person to explain all of this to us how we can heal our Pineal Glands on a daily basis!  Great Show!


Intuitive Pam Ragland JUST found missing Autistic Boy

July 21, 2013

pamraglandYou may have heard the news from California to NY about an Intuitive who just found an 11 year old Autistic Boy, Terry Smith in my local community.  Although young Terry’s story didn’t have a happy ending, Pam did start bridging the gap in the mainstream media and the powers that everyone has… intuition.   Great Show!

The New Business Paradigm – Zen Entrepreneurship

July 13, 2013

riz virk  Zen Entrepreneurship – The new business paradigm.   What has been missing in the way we do business for the last 50 years… quite possibly the spiritual aspect… notice I didn’t say religious.   Rizwan Virk, a success at the age of 23, went on to make millions and become the Executive Producer of “Thrive Movie” with Foster Gamble.   Join Jewels as she talks about what Business is all about in the year 2013.

What’s Stopping Your Manifestation? PINEAL GLAND

July 8, 2013

IMAG0129Jewels talks about a huge problem for those that drink fluoridated water… or have silver fillings in your mouth. It appears that toxins and chemicals will corrode the most important gland in the center of your brain.. The Pineal Gland. This will actually block your connection to the spiritual realm and block your messages of desires OR prayers from being brought into realization. Great info that helps you to become happy and stay that way.