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TOTAL Law of Attraction – Dr. David Che Returns

November 30, 2013

TotalLawAttraction-COVER  Great show featuring the science behind the Law of Attraction and even more as Dr. Che discusses Parallel Universes, Other Dimensions, Law of DETACHMENT and THE 4 STEPS TO MANIFESTATION.  GREAT SHOW

Marianne Williamson Goes to Washington!

November 23, 2013

mw-photo-lecture  Join Jewels as she talks about politics with International Spiritual Leader and Bestselling author Marianne Williamson about her decision to run for US Congress for District 33 in California.

The Power of the Words You Speak

November 10, 2013

small  Join Jewels as she talks with New Law of Attraction Radio Host Reisha Baker of Power Talk Radio. She really gives us some great insight of how to change our lives through words!

Money, Prosperity, Abundance & Freedom

November 3, 2013


What piece of the pie are you looking at?  The 10% that we are tricked into focusing on or the 90% that is ours by divine right?

Jewels brings back Todd Silva to give us a push towards stepping outside of our own problems to start creating and serving the world.