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My 8 Minutes of Clarity – Revisited

December 28, 2013

As we leave 2013 and dive in excitedly into 2014, I am bringing back the Dec 21, onair-jewels - blubrry2012 show in which I experienced great clarity into the dimensional world. This show is still accurate one year after it first aired.


Hans Christian King Brings Joy to Those Left Behind.

December 21, 2013

Join Jewels a1-hansking-cl-polos she talks with World Renown Medium Hans Christian King. Callers were delighted to hear from their departed ones and to know that their Holidays will be joyful with those spirits surrounding them.

Phil Cicio, Success thINC – Your Partner in Success

December 14, 2013

PhilCicioJoin Jewels as she talks with Bob Proctor’s Protege and Business Partner about the Law of Attraction from the inside out! Great Show!!


Good News – The World is becoming a Better Place! Howard Martin

December 8, 2013

howardMartin  Howard Martin of HeartMath has scientific data that states the world is a better place right.  We are just too focused in on what is going wrong, than looking at all the wonderful things and suggest we have improved our world dramatically through the collective consciousness.   Great Show!