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Law of Attraction SQUARED, Pam Grout

March 22, 2014

e-squared-smallerJoin jewels as she talks with Author Pam Grout about her incredible book E-Squared. Prove to yourself that YOU are a magnificent Manifestor!

Coming OUT Alive – LGBTQ PRIDE

March 17, 2014

margaret-street-itunesJoin Jewels as she talks with Margaret Baker-Street about her new Show on LOARN about ACCEPTANCE of SELF… for those in LGBTQ community and all others.  WE are all connected energetically and it’s wonderful to behold! Great Show!

Triumph Over the Past

March 8, 2014

Judy van Niekerk Join Jewels and special guest Judy van Niekerk  about her triumph over her childhood and how she tapped into the Universal Source of Energy that allowed her to survive.  Today Judy is an incredible Success Coach helping people to Charge their Challenges.   She is a true blessing to this planet!