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Pam Grout New Book – E3 – FABULOUS

August 30, 2014

pam Grout   Pam Grout, Bestselling author of E-Squared (E2) joins Jewels as Pam delivers her latest and greatest book on the Law of Attraction, E-Cubed (e3).  You are going to Love this new book launching on September 16, Hay House.

Dr. Anders Nilsson, Physicist, Chemist and Spiritual Teacher

August 24, 2014

Anders Nilsson Jewels talk to Dr. Anders Nilsson, an international respected Scientist that has appeared a few times on Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman.   Endorsed by astronaut Edgar Mitchell,  Anders wrote the brilliant spiritual book: The Gentle Way of the Heart: Discover the Light within.  This scientist is also an international spiritual teacher and his techniques are designed to bring harmony to the world. GREAT SHOW!

August 16, 2014

Jewels BTR 300Join Jewels as she delivers 5 things to increase the energy in your surrounding areas and changing the collective consciousness to positive energy. Jewels also helps Christina to see where she is stuck because she says that nothing is working for her. Great Show!

August 10, 2014

maggie-wilde-aboutJoin Jewels as she talks with Maggie Wilde, the Brilliant Author of Unzip The Fat Suit Using Your Mind.

Yes, you can release the weight by the power of your mind! Great Show!

World in Chaios – Global Coherence Initative

August 3, 2014

???????????????????????????????Jewels brings back Howard Martin, Exec. V.P. of HeartMath to talk about their Global Coherence Initative which brings over 60,000 people together to unite their heart’s coherence together to help dire situations in the world. YOU can be the Change You are seeking!