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2015 – The Year of the Entreprenuer!

December 27, 2014

Kelley Rosano   Popular YouTube Astrologer and LOA Expert Kelley Rosano gives great insight as to what is in store for us in the year 2015.   HINT:  It’s going to BE GREAT!


Two Inspiring Guests that will warm the heart!

December 20, 2014

Daniel PapeA rock Singer and Actor Daniel Pape talks about his tragic accident that killed his best friend at age 17. His message is how to move past the tragedy and release through forgiveness.


hostlive-rj-banks1Then our very own R.J. Banks comes back on to talk about his recovery from Brain Surgery a few month ago and the I AM affirmations he used to help him stay connected to source.
Two great inspirational stories that will make you feel wonderful!


LOA Coach Rita Hurry and some great news about Cancer!

December 14, 2014

Rita-Hurry A big show tonight that features surprising news that 95% of cancers can heal themselves if left untreated and then Jewels introduces LOA Coach Rita who assists so many people in the UK. GREAT Show!

Energy HEALING to Release Your Money Blocks

December 6, 2014

Jimmy MackEnergy Healer Jimmy Mack uses Jewels as a conduit for muscle testing with the audience. Release your money blocks for your business or getting a job, or even finding your soul mate. This is a show that you want to send to friends and family. Simple, easy and provable energetic shifts through muscle testing. Get ready for your life to change!