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Great Beauty in Aging… We Are Only Beginning!

January 17, 2015

lois-landscape-portraitLois West Bristow, Ph.D. joins Jewels as they talk about the beauty of aging. Dr. Bristow went back to school at age 76 and got her Ph.D. at the age of 80. Today, at 85, she is showing the world that even age should not stop you from living life fully! This is a great show!

The Most Powerful Emotion to Create AND Dr. Michael Cotton

January 11, 2015

ThePeople_MichaelCottonJoin Jewels as she talks about the most powerful emotion that aligns you with the Creative Force of the Universe and then Jewels talks with Chiropractor Dr. Michael Cotton who talks about the Pre-frontal Cortex and what it can do for you.


Release the Blocks of Entrepreneurial Success

January 4, 2015

Jimmy MackIt’s all about the Year 2015, The Entrepreneur, The Individual and releasing those blocks that keep you from your success. Join Jewels and Jimmy Mack as they use Jewels as a conduit to release all the listeners who are blocked in which to finally move forward and achieve their dreams!