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Law of Attraction MUSIC and Joe Vitale

March 29, 2015

Mr. Fire visits FullSizeRenderwith Jewels as they talk about his creating a new phase in his life with Music. He is a singer, songwriter and nominated for awards having produced 12 albums. Join Jewels as she plays a song from his album as we discovered you are never to old to create a new career.

Maggie Wilde – The ONLY Way to permanently release weight!

March 23, 2015

maggie-wilde-aboutThe Potentialist, Maggie Wilde has an incredible hypnosis program designed to permanently melt away the fat without dieting!  Yes, it true.   And she has a program worth $297. that she wants you to try to see if you like it…

Go to  and receive everything for free.   Take it from me, Maggie is the only person you will ever need to consult for releasing weight.  Listen to her story and get ready to be amazed.


Dr. Bruce Lipton – LOVE can change the world

March 14, 2015

Picture1Join Jewels as Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about the importance of experiencing the love of a couple and making this honeymoon love last and last… because it is exactly what will change the world.

Science Has Proven There is No Such Thing as Death

March 8, 2015

Join Jewels as she talk about the science that proves that there is life after death. Physicist Konstantin Korotkov of Russia shows this by a special camera of consciousness leaving the body upon death. Also Dr. Eban Alexandra, Harvard trained Neurosurgeon had his own personal NDE which he explains cannot be disproven. And then Jewels talks with Oncologist Dr. Jeffrey Long about his extensive library of 3000 cases of near death experiences that he has gathered from around the world. Great Show bringing clarity to life and love.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen – The Blood Tells It All

March 1, 2015


Live Blood Sample shows 6 month fetus… IN THE BLOOD.

Edgar Cayce once said, “The day may yet arrive when one may take a drop of blood and diagnose the condition of the entire physical body.” Dr. Bigelsen is only one of three people who can do this and he is bringing down the walls of fraud to accomplish the complete healing of the human mind, body and spirit. GREAT Show.