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Out of Africa – Dr. Daneschumand – PeaceKeeper

May 23, 2015

Jewels me2015-04-30 12.09.56t this brilliant Obstetrician while at Madonna University, Elele, Nigeria who is committed to saving women and babies. Dr. Dane (an Iranian) talks about things needed to bring about world peace. Listen and learn to the very simple things that are being overlooked.  He is a true blessing to this world.

Proof of LOA and a Physician Turned Energy Healer

May 16, 2015

VitaJewels talks about her powerful moments of the Law of Attraction on her adventure to Africa and Germany. Then we meet a brilliant physician from Germany, Uwe Albreht, M.D., who now only practices energy healing for not only humans, but for businesses as well. Energy is a thing that can be changed from a low charge which releases the blocks.   Uwe has created a system for easy detection of the root cause of illness or dysfunction in business, relationships, or anything! Great informative show that gives us our power back!