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Humanity’s Spirit Expands into Creativity!

July 26, 2015

Join Jewels as she changes her perception on current affair as it joyfully stirs up humanity’s spirit to create a different reality! We also talk with Shaman Carl Greer, Author of Change your Story, Change you life… There was some technical difficulty of slow and fast recording so it appears that Jewels is talking over Mr. Greer. That is the glitch that was unavoidable.

Energy of Abundance – Phyllis King

July 19, 2015

phyllis kingTime to stop worrying and get you answers directly from the Universe… Jewels takes you on her personal journey and the answers she was provided simply by the connection and surrender to the Universe. Then, in perfect harmony, Jewels talks with Phyllis King, Author of the book, The Energy of Abundance where she delivers precise instructions on how to gain that connection to this Universal energy. Great Show!


Between Now and When – NDE changed his life

July 5, 2015

Richard House, M.d. Jewels talks with Dr. Richard House, M.D. who is the brilliant author, world traveler and mystic that talks about consciousness for the future…  and his life’s story (so far) through his book, Between Now and When: How My Death Made My Life Worth Living.  GREAT show.