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Total Law of Attraction and Abundance with Dr. David Che

January 17, 2016

OJewels brings back her friend, Best-selling Author of Total Law of Attraction Dr. David Che. First Jewels talks about Abundance and wealth and then David Che confirms the importance of how our feelings speak to the Universe and deliver exactly what we want. Great Show!


Sovereign Self Host Martin Neil Campbell visits with Jewels

January 9, 2016

A833f69_4083e46f6f41401bb9051e1da03c32de.jpg_srz_p_271_300_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz great show with a brilliant man who talks about our spiritual connection to our freedom. It’s an inside job! Even more important, we need to stay clear of fear.  We must take action, release the fear and increase the love.

To listen to Sovereign Self Radio Show, go to and there is also a link there that you can purchase his book.

Finding Peace in Life and Death – Patrick Baxter

January 2, 2016

Patrick Baxter1Jewels talks with “Finding Peace in Life and Death” by Author Patrick Baxter who clarifies philosophical, spiritual and scientific perspectives to determine the fate of our existence, and helps guide us to the state of mind necessary to find peace and happiness; so we can enjoy life, and accept death. “We don’t just experience the world around us… We create the world around us.”