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It’s HOW You Say It that Counts in Wealth Creation!!!

May 29, 2016

1-1Jewels has fun this week talking about the Law of Attraction and Patrick Prohaska of about how to phrase a sentence that will jump over your limiting beliefs and deliver to you that which you desire!

don Miguel Ruiz Jr. The Mastery of Self

May 22, 2016

Join jewelsdon-miguel-ruiz-jr-snapshot as she talks with don Miguel Ruiz about the Toltec tradition of the Mastery of Self through his new book, The Mastery of Self. Very insightful show.

Your Beliefs on Money and Health – Dr. Joe Dispenza

May 14, 2016

joeJewels talks about shifting into your wealth frequency as Dr. Joe Dispenza (What the Bleep Do We Know) talks about the Power of the Mind to heal itself. Great Show!


4 inexpensive supplements CAN improve your life dramatically!

May 8, 2016

Live ShowDr. David Che returns with 4 basic things that the average is totally lacking: Iodine, K2, Vit. D, Vit. C. If you take these every morning and every night, you will bring your body and your immune system back into alignment to keep everything… including Cancer… away. This is easier and better than an apple a day!