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Your Life After Their Death – Medium Karen Noe

August 27, 2016

karen-noe-wwwkarennoecomJoin Jewels as she talks with New Jersey Medium and best selling author Karen Noe about how you heal after the death of a loved one. Then we bring the subject around to the death of Dr. Wayne Dyer and how his children received messages.
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Anita Moorjani Talks About Heaven

August 22, 2016

Anita ArticleJoin Jewels as she talks to Best Selling Author Anita Moorjani about her Near Death Experience and the death of her friend and mentor, Dr. Wayne Dyer.  She also shares information about her newest book, What if this is Heaven?    Anita wrote a terrific article for Law of Attraction Magazine about “What is the Meaning a Life?”  Its a simple as a delicious box of chocolates!

Not For Sale – Finding Center in the Land of Crazy Horse

August 13, 2016

KevinHanock-highres“Not For Sale.” This is a book that I whole heartedly endorse. Kevin Hancock who is a CEO of his family’s huge lumber business and who took a side journey into the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in which he discovered a better way to lead his company, which turns out to mean: don’t lead… listen. Brilliant book that I give 5 stars too!

About the Book

Law of Attraction, Chinese Medicine and LOGIC

August 7, 2016

Live ShowDr. David Che joins us and we talk about everything, especially LOGIC. Magical thinking can lead you down the road to failure. So be smart and use the Law of Attraction!