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The Tipping Point has Occurred! Now is the time for Manifesting!

October 22, 2016

Dr-Terry-Gordon2Jewels talks about what is occurring and why it’s the perfect time to set your intention. The tipping point has occurred as we witness the revelations coming to light. This also means we are in the Golden Age of prosperity! Also, Jewels talks with Dr. Terry Gordon, who has some remarkable Law of Attraction Stories.

Love and the Law of Attraction

October 15, 2016

loa-show-tileJewels introduces LOVE EXPERT Mary Knight with her new show LOVE and the Law of Attraction. Mary gives sage advice on how to keep love alive!  Great Show!

Five Elements of Health – Color of Food

October 10, 2016

Live ShowDr. David Che is back and we talk about the 5 Elements of Health and the color of food specific for organs in the body. This is so fascinating! You will learn about that the body is the human mirror. Green – Liver- Gallbladder Red – Heart – Small Intestine Yellow – Spline- Stomach White – Lungs – Large Intestine Black – Kidneys – Bladder Great Show!