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Fun Show with hypnotherapist and LOA Practitioner Luke Broad

November 25, 2017

This is a fun show that touches on everything!  Jewels talks to Hypnotherapist and LOA practitioner Luke Broad about his manifestations including one about being on air with Jewels. They touch upon Subliminal messages through the TV, Reality Shows and even Facebook.   Some things you may agree with and some you may not… but it is a lively and fun conversation to finish off the Thanksgiving Weekend!

Need a bit of Happiness to get through Portal and Dr. Joe Dispenza

November 18, 2017

Happiness and Dr. Joe Dispenza

Focusing on the Good instead of the Bad – Parisha Taylor

November 5, 2017

This week’s show is all about seeing what is going right instead of focusing on the what is going wrong and who is more perfect to bring this to all of us…Grandmother Parisha. First we talk about how we are now all focusing on taking responsibility for our own health and then move into the fearful field of terrorism… We can handle it… not to worry! Great show with Parisha Taylor: