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Healing Your Body with Dr. Joe Dispenza and Money Manifestation!

September 23, 2018

Join Jewels as she first talks about the how much fun it is to manifest money! It’s easier than you think! Then she talks with Dr. Joe Dispenza about his book the Placebo Effect and how this knowledge can expeditate your healing. Change your mind, change your health!

Time To Listen – Daniel Levin – The Mosiac

September 16, 2018

We all know that we create our own view of the world, so much so that we are all responsible for the division that occurs not only in the US but everywhere. This shows tells us a simple premise of listening to those we do not agree with to find a touch of common ground in which to build on. You can adapt this information to friends, relatives, governments and even religion if we can step out of our like minded groups to listen. We will find that we are more alike than different. You don’t have to change your beliefs, you just have to open your ears… for everyone is right in the beliefs they choose. Beliefs are only thoughts that can be adapted to understand the side that you are not on. It’s time… can you take the first step towards peace?

The Real Secret to Visualization!

September 8, 2018

Join Jewels as she talks about how to make visualization work. If you forget this common secret, the Universe won’t hear you. Then she talks with an actress trying to get steady gigs via the Law of Attraction. Https://