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Dr. David Che Returns with Part 2 of the Cholesterol Myth!

December 10, 2016

Live ShowJoin Jewels and Co-Host Dr. David Che as he talks more about the myth of Cholesterol! Go out there and eat Butter, Bacon and Beef… and don’t forget your eggs. Get ready for some real food!


Jewels talks Scientific Evidence about LOA

September 4, 2016

004 resizedJewels goes solo this week as she talks about the scientific proof that the power of our mind change change the world.  Amazing facts that will confirm just how POWER and MAGNIFICENT you are. Then she dives into the Collective Consciousness that is producing all the hate, anger and fear that is permeating our environmentment, not just in the US but the World.  We can we do about it?  If Law of Attraction practitioners are up to the challenge, we can step up to the plate and shift the planet.  Are you ready?

Amazing Infor that Chinese Medicine Reveals About YOUR Health

July 16, 2016

Live ShowJewels is joined by her co-host Dr. David Che who has been trained by his Chinese Uncle on the Ways of Chinese medicine. This is a GRADE A show that will tell you whether you are healthy or not!

Psychic and Medical Intuitive Julie Ryan

April 30, 2016

Picture3Jewels introduces Julie Ryan to her listeners as a brand new LIVE show on Law of Attraction Radio Network. Every Thursday at 5 PM Pacific, you can ask Julie Ryan your personal question about your health, your issues, or even your pet’s health. It’s going to be a GREAT show.

Can I focus on more than one intention at a time?

April 9, 2016

drdavidche_bestDr. David Che co-hosts with Jewels as he answers questions from a live audience. Great insights as to how we can manifest easier!  Dr. Che is the author of the best selling Book, Total Law of Attraction.


Daily vitamen regimen to keep your immune system healthy!

  1. Iodine
  2. Vitamin C
  3. Vitamin D
  4. Vitamin K2

Penney Peirce – Pioneer in Intuitive Development Delivers Powerful Insight!

November 22, 2015

pphatshadThis is an incredibly powerful interview with Penney Peirce who talks about our currently reality of being swarmed with the information age and which is now turning into the time when me must turn to our intuition.  Just think if we not longer needed the internet and we could depend solely upon the messages that flow to us through our intuition.  Yes… the future will be GREAT!


Harvey Biegelsen is back with more Health answers!

November 8, 2015

How can wHarveye manifest our true desires if our health is being compromised? It’s amazing that 131 Doctors confirmed exactly what Dr. Bigelsen has been telling us all along… we are being told lies. Listen in and find out the real reason for Lyme disease… it’s not caused by a tick!

Jimmy Mack is Back… Get ready for some Energy shifting!

October 31, 2015

Jimmy MackJewels brings back her favorite Energy Healer, Jimmy Mack,  to release the end of the year blocks leading into the Holidays and then focusing on shifting our thoughts about 2016. It’s going to be a GREAT year!

Your Key to Good Health is Your Well-being

October 19, 2015

New discoveJewels BTR 300ries of the effects of chemotherapy and radiation prove that these treatments will actually bring more powerful cancer back to you… Bring back your health by being aware what is happening from Big Pharma to GMOS and then to the real food and nutrition to the mind-body connection. Get back to the Source of Energy that is working with you.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen – The Blood Tells It All

March 1, 2015


Live Blood Sample shows 6 month fetus… IN THE BLOOD.

Edgar Cayce once said, “The day may yet arrive when one may take a drop of blood and diagnose the condition of the entire physical body.” Dr. Bigelsen is only one of three people who can do this and he is bringing down the walls of fraud to accomplish the complete healing of the human mind, body and spirit. GREAT Show.