Chinese Medicine, Emotions and Dr. David Che

April 22, 2017

Dr. David Che joins Jewels this week as Dr. Che answers questions of a live caller and answers some other questions about the Law of Attraction from Twitter. Dr. Che also talks about certain emotions that affects major organs, like heart, lungs and liver… Its fascinating!

Essential Oils to Raise Vibrations for Manifestation

April 9, 2017

Jewels talks with special Guest Lezlie Cebulski, ND, EFT, RM who created that formulates and combines essential oils that can help you to manifest money, opportunities, and a wonderful sense of well being in order to raise your vibration. This is a fascinating show that you will love because of these power tools, used in conjunction with EFT, helps you to manifest your dreams.

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Michael Bernard Beckwith and the Law of Attraction

April 2, 2017

Join Jewels and Dr. Michael Beckwith as they talk about everything from the law of attraction to current affairs! Then it’s followed up with 2 minutes segments of Abundance, Happiness, Be the First and Find your Mate by R.J. Banks.

The Law of Distraction & the Art of Intention

March 26, 2017

Join Jewels and her guest Tamara Lee Dorris and her co-author…Angel Morty Finklestein as they reveal new insights into the Law of Attraction. This book is not only very powerful, it is hilarious! Go to Amazon to purchase book as well as workbook!

Developing your Intuitive Skills with Marsha Kay Farias

March 19, 2017

Join Jewels as she talks with Marsha Kay Farias about how to develop your intutition.  Her best selling book, Everyday Medium has valuable and easy techniques design to help you get past the fear and surrender to the powers you were born with~

What the Millionaires See that We Don’t! Hidden Solutions

March 4, 2017

Dan-CastroJewels talks with Dan Castro who wrote the incredible book: Hidden Solutions All Around You. During this, he delivers a huge secret on how the brain works and why you may take the exact same steps as Steve Jobs or Richard Branson, YET, success aludes you because you can see the solution to challenges that they saw. They didn’t give up, they just saw the solutions that other couldn’t see. It’s a very informative show and you will learn so much!

Quantum Success Strategies for Business

February 26, 2017

MLive Showonthly Co-Host Dr David Che joins Jewels as they talk about Quantum Success Formula for engaging in business. Remember, 2017 is all about planting and starting new seed to grow, so for those who are interested into seeking the freedom that being self employed provides, this is the show for you to listen to. Dr. Che goes into 4 stategies that will help you to stay on track to success.



Love Based Business for 2017! Michele PW

February 18, 2017

banner_nbgJoin Jewels as she talks with Copywriting Expert Michele PW about her latest books about LOVE Based Money and Love Based Business. The dive into what it means in a new business start-up as well as anything else. Love expands, worry, anger stress constricts. Great Show and it’s also on video… at

Interview with Clif High: The Smartest Man in the World

February 12, 2017

clif-highJoin Jewels as she talk with a brilliant man who has literally tapped into the Collective Consciousness.  He use all his info to make forecasts that guides us into the future.

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When Thoughts Turns To Light: Patrick Paul Garlinger

February 5, 2017

download-2Jewels visits with Patrick Paul Garlinger about his very spiritual book “When Thought Turns To Light.” Everything right now that is occurring in the world has to do with what we came here to learn… that Unconditional love must come from within and everything we think is but a reflection of our thoughts. We need to change how we look at how we react to things outside of us to fully understand that life we live is simply within our Thoughts.
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