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Jan 30 – Dr. Micheal Mirdad, Spiritual Teacher

January 31, 2010

Join us as we talk with Dr. Micheal Mirdad who has been a traveling Spiritual Teacher for over 30 years.  He talks about the 5 stages of Transformation from his book: “Your Not Going Crazy, Your Just Waking up.”


Jan. 24 – Match Matrix System and Your Core Energy

January 24, 2010

Larry Michel and Frank Seifert join me as we talk about this scientific system in understanding your core energy as you relate to others.   This is an incredible show.  I rate it AAA++++

Jan 17 – Radical Forgiveness – Colin Tipping

January 17, 2010

An incredibly important subject that can change the course of illnesses almost immediately.  Joins us as Colin Tipping shares his techniques for immediate change in your life.

Jan 10 – Breathe Away Your Limitations – Wellington Rodriguez

January 10, 2010

Wellington Rodrigues is a Brazilian-born Personal Transformation Teacher and Coach currently living and practicing in NY.  We will be talking about his latest book and very important subject, “Breathe Away Your Limitations.

Jan 3 – Therapy for the Soul – Marguerite Manning

January 3, 2010

Join us for an exciting show with International Astrologer Marguerite Manning  and author of Cosmic Karma as she answers your personal questions about your past lives.