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Berny Dohrmann, CEO Space

August 28, 2011

Join Berny and Jewels as they talk about the spirit of Entreupenuership.

How I Died and What I Did Next – Toni Ann Winninger

August 21, 2011

Join Jewels as she talks with Channeler Toni Ann Winninger about her channeled book “How I Died and What I Did Next.

Communion of Light – Channeling of Paul

August 13, 2011

Join Jewels as she talks with the non-physical beings known as Paul through Channeler Frank Butterfield.   Sit back and soak in all this wonderful energy as you listen to the words.  A very powerful experience.   Enjoy!  To watch video broadcast:  To learn more about Paul and Frank Butterfield:

Marguerite Manning – Karmic Astrology

August 7, 2011

Jewels invited Marguerite back to talk about past lives, the reason why we choose to live through 2012, Kryon, Juno and some really fascinating insight into our inner selves.